Dragons, Lions and Flaming Pearls


Looking for something interesting, engaging and educational to do over the coming months? Bendigo’s Golden Dragon Museum has the answer.


For only $88 (including express postage and handling within Australia) you will be sent three high-quality, colourfully illustrated books that provide special insights into the rich and diverse history of the Goldfields Chinese, their art and stories. By learning about when they first came to Bendigo in the 1850s through to more recent times, exploring the extraordinary processional regalia from the 1880s, the historic figures in the local Chinese community and the important historic places across Bendigo associated with the Chinese for more than 150 years, the Book Club is a fun, interactive way to learn more about an ancient culture.

‘The 1880s Processional Regalia of the Bendigo Chinese Association’, ‘A Biographical Dictionary of Historic Figures in Bendigo’s Chinese Community’ and ‘Places Associated with Bendigo’s Historic Chinese Community’ each book is full of fascinating stories, important facts and little-known insights. Published in large format with a total of over 300 pages and usually valued at $135, these quality publications bring history to life in an accessible and easy to read style.

Each Tuesday 10.00 – 11.00am for three months (12 sessions) commencing 21 April the Book Club will meet via Zoom and discuss specific topics and chapters nominated the week before by Leigh McKinnon, Research Officer at the Golden Dragon Museum and an acknowledged expert in Chinese arts and culture, especially Processional Imperial Dragons and related traditions and  ceremonies. Book Club sessions are interactive so you will be able to ask questions and discuss specific items of interest.

Whether you have a life-long interest or just a passing curiosity the Golden Dragon Book Club welcomes everyone.

只需88澳元(包含快递邮资和手续费) ,您将收到三本高质印刷并带有色彩鲜艳插图的书籍,让您对淘金时代丰富多样的华人历史和文化有进一步特别的了解。 这套书籍的时空跨越从19世纪50年代华人首次来到本迪戈直到近代,带您探索发起于19世纪80年代的非凡的游行盛典,了解当地华人社区的历史性人物,以及150多年来在本地戈地区与华人息息相关的重要历史地点。金龙读书俱乐部将以生动有趣的互动方式引导您解读此套书籍,让您了解更多的历史文化。

本套书籍通过易于理解、易于阅读的风格赋予历史以生命。包含的三本书分别为《19世纪80年代大金山华人工会游行盛典》、 《本迪戈华人社区历史人物辞典》和《本迪戈华人社区相关历史地点》。每本书都充满了生动的故事、重要的史实和鲜为人知的见解。此套高质量的出版物一共300多页,平常的售价为135澳元。

421开始,金龙读书俱乐部将于每周二 上午1000 1100ZOOM平台开展一个小时的免费研讨会 (注:目前仅支持英语环境)。主持人为金龙博物馆资深研究员 Leigh McKinnon, McKinnon先生在中国艺术展品及文化,尤其是舞龙游行的龙文化和相关的传统与仪式方面颇有建树。 读书俱乐部以互动的形式展开,方便您提问和议论您感兴趣的话题。 每周研讨的主题和涉及书本的章节会在一周前通知。该研讨活动为期三个月,分12次进行。


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