Leslie Henry Kew Ming MM

1897 – 1984

Leslie Kew Ming was born near St Arnaud in 1897. Leslie’s parents were Kew Ming Lock (sometimes called Ah Loch Kew Ming and Toy Lock – his Chinese language gravestone calls him 蔡廣隆 Toi Gwong Lung) and Louisa Cum Moon.
Kew Ming was a gardener and publican who had been born in the county of Toishan 台山 in China’s Guangdong province and Louisa, who was born in Percydale near Avoca, had come from the Wimmera town of Minyip, and was the daughter of a Chinese born father and a mother of Scottish background. The Kew Mings lived in the “Chinese Camp” at North St Arnaud (also known as New Bendigo), where Louisa was the licensee of the All Nations Hotel. After completing his schooling young Leslie spent time in Minyip with his maternal grandfather Cum Moon
金滿, learning the profession of boot making from the older man. Even in his teenage years Les seems to have already been community minded, being a member of the Minyip branch of the Australian Natives Association (the president and members of which regretted his loss and wished him safe return upon his enlistment in May 1916 ) and of the Minyip Fire Brigade. Although of majority Chinese heritage Kew Ming was able to enlist and began his active service in the 2nd ANZAC Cyclists Battalion, before being transferred the 6th Training Battalion, and then to the 23rd Battalion AIF upon his arrival in France in April 1917. On 9th October that year Cpl Kew Ming led his men in digging a communications trench while wounded and under heavy shell fire. His example and bravery led to Les being awarded the Military Medal. By the war’s end Kew Ming had been promoted to Sergeant. After the war Kew Ming found some fame as a champion athlete and footballer, being one of the first Asian Australians to play in the VFL. He also played in the Bendigo league for a time and settled in Echuca where his father had established himself as a market gardener. Leslie Kew Ming passed away in 1960 aged 63.

莱斯利(Leslie Kew Ming)于1897年出生在St Arnaud附近。父亲 Kew Ming Lock(他的墓碑刻着蔡广隆)出生在中国广东省台山县,是一名园丁和收税员;母亲路易莎(Louisa Cum Moon)出生在Avoca附近的Percydale镇,来自Minyip的Wimmera镇,是一个中国父亲和苏格兰血统母亲的混血儿。年轻的莱斯利在完成学业后,向他的祖父金满(Cum Moon)学习制靴的手艺。虽然莱斯利才十几岁,但他已经有了社区意识,成为了澳大利亚本地协会Minyip分部和Minyip消防队的一名成员。莱斯利的中国血统没有影响到他的服役。1916年5月当他应征入伍时,协会主席及其成员对他的离开都表示很遗憾,并祝愿他安全返回。莱斯利被调到第六训练营之前,最开始在ANZAC第二骑车营服役,他于1917年4月抵达法国,服役于澳大利亚帝国部队第23营。同年10月9日,他在身受重伤和遭受猛烈炮火袭击的危难关头,率领部下挖出了一条提供防御的保护性通道,鉴于他的英雄榜样和勇敢作为,莱斯利荣获了军事奖章,被提升为中士。战后,莱斯利成为了运动冠军和首批在VFL踢球的亚裔澳大利亚人,赢得了一些声誉,他也曾在Bendigo联赛中踢过一段时间。他定居在父亲曾当集市园丁的Echuca。莱斯利于1960年逝世,享年63岁。

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