The grandsons of Lee Jacgung 李則忠

The goldfields Chinese interpreter Lee Hing Jacgung left central Victoria for Gippsland in the 1870s, but that was not the end of the story of his family’s association with the Loddon Mallee region. His daughter Maud Ellen Frances Lee Jacgung married Thomas Ewing Currie in 1889. From c.1909 Currie worked as crown lands bailiff in Bendigo. Their sons Francis and Hugh (born in Oakleigh and Macedon) spent their childhoods in the central Victorian city, and the latter was living with them as a student at the family’s Tyson’s Hill home in the years before the war. Both enlisted. Their Gippsland first cousin Lindsay Lee Jacgung also saw active service in the war – interestingly he had the details of his racial heritage scrawled out in a note on his enlistment form (“European Grandmother / born in China naturalized / g f father born in Victoria / mother British born”). No such inquisition was noted on the forms of his Bendigo cousins with fully European names.
Another cousin who enlisted was Rupert Allan Wilson Jungjohann who was the son of Minnie Louise Lee Jacgung and her German-born husband Frederick Wilson Jungjohann. Rupert seems to have dropped his German surname around the time of the war. Rupert Allen Wilson was assigned to the Field Ambulance in the Camel Corps in the Middle East. He was born and grew up in Melbourne where he seems to have lived most of his life – he is recorded as having passed away in Bendigo in 1962 and is buried in the Bendigo lawn cemetery.

19世纪70年代,大金山中文翻译官李则忠Lee Hing Jacgung离开维多利亚中心前往Gippsland,他的家族与Loddon Mallee的情结并未因此终结。女儿与女婿于1889年成婚。女婿在Bendigo担任政府土地农场管理人。他的孙子弗朗西斯(Francis)和Hugh在维多利亚市中心度过了童年,两人后来都应征入了伍。Francis和Hugh的表兄弟Lindsay Lee Jacgung也曾在战争中服役。另一个入伍的表兄弟叫鲁伯特,Allan Wilson Jungjohann,是Minnie Louise Lee Jacgung和她的德裔丈夫Frederick Wilson Jungjohann的儿子,在墨尔本出生和长大。在战争期间,鲁伯特被派往中东地区的骆驼军团从事战地救护。据记载鲁伯特于1962年在Bendigo去世,并埋葬在Bendigo lawn cemetery墓地。

Francis Thomas Currie

Prior to enlisting in the Australian Imperial Force Frank Currie had had four years military experience serving as a volunteer in the Royal Australian Navy. Currie enlisted as an Able Seaman Driver in the Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train on 1 October 1916. By the 13th October he was transferred to the 2nd Squadron, Royal Australian Flying Corps, with the rank of Private. After training in England Currie graduated and was appointed a flying officer (pilot) and 2nd lieutenant on 19 November 1917 – he was promoted to lieutenant the following year on 19 February. From the beginning of March through to the end of July Frank was serving with his unit in France, followed by another stint from early August through to the start of October. Currie spent the rest of the War on duty in England. Frank also may have been the only commissioned officer in Australia’s armed forces in World War I to have been of Chinese descent. His brother Hugh tragically did not survive the war – he was killed in action in early 1918.

弗朗西斯(Francis T Currie)在被征入澳大利亚帝国军队之前,曾在澳大利亚皇家海军担任过四年的志愿者。1916年10月1日,弗朗西斯作为一名干练的海员驾驶员应募加入澳大利亚皇家海军桥接部队。10月13日,他被调到澳大利亚皇家飞行队第二中队,军衔为列兵。1917年11月19日,弗朗西斯完成在英国训练后,被任命为飞行官和少尉军衔。次年2月19日被提升为中尉。从三月初到十月初弗朗西斯在法国服役,他在英格兰度过了战争的剩余时间。弗朗西斯很可能是澳大利亚在第一次世界大战中唯一一位具有中国血统的军官。令人惋惜的是,他的兄弟Hugh未能在战争中幸存下来,于1918年初的战役中牺牲。

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