The Golden Dragon Museum offers a range of educational experiences across all ages and school levels. For bookings and enquiries, please contact us.


Guided tours (1 hour)

The Golden Dragon Museum offers guided tours to visiting groups.

  • The General Guided Tour – this tour is a great way to see and learn about the highlights of the collection as well as learn about the history of Chinese in Bendigo.
  • Year 7 Ancient History Tour – a tour designed to complement the national curriculum. This is a great way to bring ancient history to life.
  • Year 9 Immigration History Tour – a tour designed to complement the national curriculum. Students can see and learn about the first hand struggles of Chinese immigrants in a museum dedicated to their stories.
  • VCE History Revolutions: China – links between the history of the Bendigo Chinese and the Chinese revolutions are amazing and intricate. The museum contains some incredible artefacts from these periods of great change and upheaval.
  • For further information on these tours, or if you have another topic you’d like explored, please contact the museum.


  • 普通講解——這一講解非常有助於欣賞和學習館藏藏品的精彩部分,同時可了解在本迪戈的華人歷史。
  • 七年級古歷史講解——這一講解被設計用作國家課程的補充。它使得古歷史栩栩如生。
  • 九年級移民史講解——這一講解被設計為國家課程的補充。建立在華人移民抗爭故事的博物館中,學生們可以發現並學習關於此類故事的第一手資料。
  • VCE 歷史革命——本迪戈華人歷史與中國革命之間的聯繫是令人驚嘆,錯綜複雜的。博物館擁有一些有關此類巨變和起義時期的珍貴藏品。
  • 獲取更多信息,或者如果你有想要探索的其他主題,請聯繫博物館工作人員。

Historical tours (approx 35 – 45 minutes)

Take a walk with our Museum Guides on a ‘Historical Walk’ around Bridge Street and Chinese Precinct where you can learn all about Bendigo’s old China Town. Also offered is a tour of The ‘White Hills Cemetery – Chinese Section’ which is an informative and popular prelude to visiting the Joss House Temple in White Hills. In addition we also offer a tour of the Bendigo Cemetery which includes that burial ground’s smaller but historically important Chinese section as well as a number of burial sites at which you will hear some poignant and significant stories from Bendigo’s Chinese past.

Historical Walk Primary $3 / Secondary $4 per student
White Hills Cemetery – Chinese Section Primary $2 / Secondary $3 per student
Bendigo Cemetery – Chinese Section Primary $2 / Secondary $3 per student

在我們講解員的陪同下,沿著大橋街和華人區來一場“歷史散步”,您將認識到本迪戈老華人街的一切。我們還提供“白山墓園-華人部分” 的導遊,那裡含有豐富信息,通常也被作為遊覽白山 “致公堂” 的前奏。除此之外,我們也提供本迪戈墓園以及其他華人墓地的嚮導。那裡的華人墓區雖然佔地不大,卻有著重大的歷史意義。在這些地方您將了解到本迪戈華人歷史上那些尖刻又重要的故事。

白山墓園 —— 華人墓區 小學生2澳元/人;中學生3澳元/人
本迪戈墓園 —— 華人墓區 小學生2澳元/人;中學生3澳元/人

Special interest tours

Occasionally we will offer “one off” tours to celebrate special themes or events. Every year we usually offer a specially themed tour to coincide with the National Trust’s Heritage Festival. Liking our facebook page Sun Loong is a good way to keep up to date with upcoming tours and events. We can also plan tours to fit your needs – please contact our friendly staff if you would like to arrange something a little different to our standard educational or historic tours.

偶爾我們也會提供一次性的講解,來慶祝特殊的主題或重大事件。每一年我們會在國家信任遺產節期間舉辦特別的主題講解。建議遊客們關注我們臉書‘新龍’頁面獲取最新講解及事件信息。我們也能夠根據您的需求安排講解——如果您想要的講解不同於我們 ‘教育和歷史講解’的標準,請聯繫我們親切友好的館員。

Craft Programs (approx 45 minutes – 1 hour)

We have several Craft Programs available for students of all ages. Situated in a fun and stimulating environment our Craft Programs are a popular addition to an Educational Tour of the Golden Dragon Museum. Classes can be split into two with different workshops running simultaneously. For an Education Officer to visit your school to run a workshop, we charge CRT rate ($43.97 per hour) plus cost of travel $1.50 per kilometre.


$8 per student

  • Chinese Opera Masks The personality of the opera mask is translated through the use of colour. Learn about the Chinese meaning of colour before decorating your mask. Recommended for Prep through to Year 6.
  • Chinese Paper Cuts One of China’s most popular folk arts are Chinese Paper Cuts. Scissors are used to cut Chinese patterns such as flowers, birds and animals. Recommended for Year 4 through to Year 8.
  • Chinese Calligraphy Before you start painting, we teach the basic skill of holding a Chinese calligraphy brush. Once the technique has been mastered students then decorate a paper fan with the calligraphy they have just learnt. Recommended for Year 2 through to Year 6.
  • Origami (Paper folding) Learn how to make beautiful origami objects. You will learn how to make paper cranes, tee-shirts, flower, frogs, picture frames and lucky stars. Recommended for Years 4 through to Year 6 and Secondary Schools.


  • 中國戲劇臉譜:戲劇臉譜中,人物的性格是通過顏色的使用來傳達的。
  • 中國剪紙:剪紙是中國傳統民間藝術中最受歡迎的類別之一。使用剪刀製作如花朵、鳥類和動物的中國圖案。推薦4年級至8年級的學生參與。
  • 中國書法: 在您開始書寫之前,我們會教授手握中國毛筆的基本技術。一旦掌握這一基本技術,學生們將可以在紙上揮毫弄筆。推薦2年級至6年級學生參與。
  • 摺紙:學習如何製作漂亮的摺紙物體。您將學到如何製作紙質起重機、T恤、花、青蛙、畫框以及幸運星。推薦4年級至6年級以及中學生參與。

$10 per student

  • Dragon Puppets Chinese dragons have paraded in Bendigo since the 1880s and are an integral part of Chinese culture. Join in the fun and create your very own Chinese dragon puppet.
  • Fish kites Based on a traditional wind sock, the fish kite is a great activity for Prep to Year 3
  • Chinese Lanterns Choose from 6 tradition Chinese lanterns patterns. Made from paper and cardboard it is a great activity for all primary school students.
  • Chinese Waist Drums The waist drum is designed to bring lots of joy to children in China. Chinese children play it just for fun at New Year or Spring Festival. It is a perfect noise-maker and a wonderful way for children to celebrate. Children can create their own Chinese waist drum. Perfect for Grade 2 to Grade 6.


  • 龍偶:從19世紀80年代開始,中國龍就開始參與本迪戈遊行,並成為整合中國文化的一部分。來參與這一有趣又可以製作屬於自己中國龍偶的活動吧。
  • 魚型風箏:基於傳統風筒,魚型風箏的製作對於三年級以下的孩子們來說是很棒的活動。
  • 中國燈籠: 可以選擇六種傳統中國燈籠的圖案。對於所有小學生來說,使用紙張和硬紙板製作燈籠再合適不過了。
  • 中國腰鼓:在中國,腰鼓是給孩子們設計的,並給他們帶來很多的歡樂。在新年或者春節期間,中國兒童們會敲腰鼓取樂。對於孩子們來說,腰鼓是慶祝節慶時製作響聲的完美道具。孩子們在這一活動中可以製作屬於自己的腰鼓。最適合2年級至6年級的學生。

$12 per student

  • Miniature Chinese Costume Learn how to make a miniature Chinese costume out of material and paper.
    The dress patterns are based from the costumes on display in the museum. Recommended for all primary school students.
  • Chinese Tea Light Lanterns Chinese decorative lanterns were made as long ago as 220 BC during the Han dynasty. Today colourful lanterns still grace Chinese festivals. Grade 2 to Grade 6.


  • 微型中國戲服:使用紙質材料學習製作微型中國戲服。
  • 裙子的圖案來自館藏中的服裝展品。適用於所有的小學生。
  • 中國茶燈籠:早在公元前220的漢代,中國已經開始製作裝飾性燈籠。今天,繽紛的燈籠依然為中國節日添彩。適合於2年級至6年級學生。

$15 per student

  • Dragon Sock Puppet BYO an old sock and make a dragon puppet. This class takes 1.5 hours and is recommended for Year 5 through to Year 8. Some hand sewing skill is required.
  • Phoenix The phoenix often depicted with the dragon. The Dragon represented the Emperor and the Phoenix representing the Empress. Today the Phoenix has become the female symbol. Create your own Chinese phoenix ‘feng-huang. Art smocks recommended. A fun and creative activity for Grade 2 to Grade 6
  • General and Princess Headpieces The positions of the General and the Princess are important in both Chinese Literature and the Bendigo Easter Fair. Make your own headpiece like those in the Museum Collection. Art smocks recommended. Grade 2 to Year 8.


  • 龍型襪偶:用舊襪子來製作一個龍偶。課程耗時一個半小時,適合5年級至8年級的學生。需要一些手工縫製的技術。
  • 鳳凰:鳳凰常常和龍裝飾在一起。龍象徵着皇帝,而鳳象徵著皇后。今天,鳳凰已經成為女性的象徵。來製作屬於你自己的鳳凰吧。建議準備藝術罩衫。對於2年級至6年級的孩子們來說很有趣,也很有創造性。
  • 將軍和公主頭飾: 在中國文學以及本迪戈復活節上,將軍和公主都是重要的角色。來製作樣式類似於博物館館藏中的那些頭飾,卻屬於自己的頭飾吧。