The Museum enjoys the support of a wonderful group of volunteers who contribute their time and skills in many different ways. Our volunteers play a crucial part in the Museum’s operations and form an important team that is central to many of our programs.

Volunteering involves three main areas: Front Desk/Retail; Gallery Attendant/Guides; and Collection/Administration. Whilst we welcome volunteers across these areas we are especially looking for assistance in Front Desk/Retail and Gallery Attendant/Guides.

You do not need to be able to speak Chinese or even have any particular knowledge or expertise in Chinese art or history. We will train you in everything you need. What we do look for in our volunteers is enthusiasm and commitment. If you have some spare time and enjoy the opportunity to learn new things whilst making a real difference then please contact us today on 5441 5044 or

招募志愿者 – 金龙博物馆


志愿者的工作主要涉及三个领域: 前台/礼品店零售; 展馆服务/导游; 数据输入/行政助理。我们欢迎这些领域的志愿者,特别是前台/零售和展馆服务/导游。