Golden Dragon Museum Reopens

From 2 June, the Golden Dragon Museum, including the Yi Yuan Gardens and Guan Yin Temple, will reopen and operate at our usual times including Queen’s Birthday holiday. Social distancing and other Conditions of Entry in line with Government health directives apply and visitors are asked to note and follow these at all times across the Dai Gum San Precinct.

Conditions of Entry:

  • Keep 1.5M apart at all times
  • Limit 20 people only at any time in the Front Desk area and each of the Sun Loong Gallery and Loong Gallery
  • Limit 20 people only at any time in the Yi Yuan Gardens and 5 in the Guan Yin Temple
  • Do not lean forward at the Front Desk or in the Souvenir Shop
  • Provide us with your first name and contact number on entry
  • Pay by credit card payment whenever possible
  • Use the hand sanitizer

Please note that group visits and guided tours are not being offered at this time and that our Public and Education Programs are also not running currently. We look forward to seeing you soon!


6月2日起,金龙博物馆、包括怡园花园和观音庙将重新开放,正常营业。女王生日假期也照常开放。 政府公共卫生的健康指令和保持社交距离将被严格执行。在大金山游览区游客需要时刻注意并遵守如下规则:


  • 任何时候都要保持5米的社交距离
  • 前台区域、新龙展厅和龙展厅在任何时候都要限制在20人以内
  • 怡园花园在任何时候都要限制20人以内,观音庙在任何时候都要限制5人以内
  • 在前台和礼品店请不要身体前倾到柜台
  • 入馆时必须提供您的姓名和联系方式(电子邮件或电话号码)
  • 尽可能使用信用卡支付
  • 使用消毒洗手液




Welcome to the Golden Dragon Museum, the Chinese Cultural Centre of Australia.
The museum opened in 1991 to document, interpret and preserve the Chinese heritage in Australia.