The Golden Dragon Museum, as the Chinese Culture Centre of Australia, has had a long reputation for inheriting the Chinese nation’s traditions and culture. Xin Jin Shan Chinese Language and Culture School as a leading Chinese language school, has greatly influenced Australia and prides itself for 26 years of successful experience in Chinese teaching. In July 2018, both powerful enterprises cooperated together and established the Bendigo Chinese School.

Bendigo Chinese School is committed to providing Chinese learning opportunities to the Bendigo community, in an authentic and efficient way; delivering the community the influence of Chinese culture and arts, thus promoting the understanding and respect of the multicultural society. Furthermore, to cultivate new talents in the 21st century with international thinking and communication skills.

Bendigo Chinese School will offer the following exciting programs:

  • Chinese Class on weekends:
    Prepared for Prep to Year 12 students.
To learn the knowledge of Chinese language systematically, involving the practice on listening, speaking, reading and writing. The text books used are written by professional experts. Students will make progress from the beginning level to the advance level.
  • Parent-Child Chinese club:
    For children from Age 2 to 4 and their carers.
In the form of parent-child interaction, by listening and reacting to Chinese stories, singing along nursery rhymes and children’s songs, and participating in drawing/paintings, crafts, and games, children are inspired to learn Chinese language and to love Chinese culture and arts.
  • Pre-schooler Chinese club:
    For children from age 4 to 5. 
To help the children smoothly transit into school in the near future, preschooler program covers Chinese Pinyin, preliminary Chinese characters, classic inspirational Chinese stories, idioms, children’s painting, attention-focusing training, bilingual mathematics and so on, in order for children to build a good foundation to enter school and further systematic Chinese language learning.
  • Happy Chinese Corner:
    For English speaking adults and families.
Based on the participants respective Chinese level, for the purpose of applying the Chinese language that students have learnt in the immersion environment, in the form of group interaction, group dialogue and roll-play, students will get plenty opportunities to strengthen their Chinese speaking skills, and gradually to improve and consolidate their basic knowledge of Chinese.
  • Chinese calligraphy/Chinese painting/craft Club:
    All ages are welcome.

What is language?

Language is information! Information is everything in this rapid developing 21st century. As Chinese has become a powerful and powerful communication tool, Bendigo Chinese School is willing to do you a favour to present you the authentic Mandarin accent, reveal the mystery of Chinese learning, and provide you the meaningful and high-quality Chinese learning experience.

Your participation is always the biggest support for the Bendigo Chinese School. If you have any questions or inquires more information, please feel free to contact us.

Contact information

Principal: Maggie Yang
Address: 1/11 Bridge St, Bendigo, Vic 3550
Website: /
Email: [email protected]
Head office: (03) 9888 1688

Your progress, our concerns!




  • 周末中文班:(Prep至12年级的在校学生)
  • 亲子中文学堂:(2-4岁儿童和家长)
  • 幼小衔接班:(4-5岁准学龄儿童)
  • 快乐汉语角:(成人或家庭)
  • 书法国画手工班:(各年龄段爱好者)




校长:Maggie Yang
地址:1/11 Bridge St,Bendigo, Vic3550
网站 /
电子邮箱: [email protected]
联系电话: (03)9888 1688